Tue. Jan 31 2023

Planet Based Foods Now Found in Major Southwestern Grocery Retailer

Steve Tippmann Retires After 36 Years with Tippmann Group; John Tippmann III to Fill Role

Seafood Tops Kroger’s Food Trends Prediction List for 2023

SEA-NL Schedules Election For New President

BioMar, Benson Hill Announce Collaboration for High-Performance Aquafeed Formulation

Three Rescued From Sinking Commercial Fishing Vessel Near Pascagoula, Mississippi

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, January 31

Mon. Jan 30 2023

The Winding Glass: Kodiak Crab Strike Has Ended, But It Is A Sign Of Disputes To Come This Spring  

U.S. and Canada Reach One-Year Accord on Pacific Halibut, Catch Limits Down 10% in 2023

PODCAST: Oregon Crab Update; Valentine’s Day Spending and More  

Russia Ready for Increase of Shrimp Catch in 2023  

Seafood Shines on JD.com During Chinese New Year Holiday  

Jeff Loder Named New Executive Director of the Association of Seafood Producers

Amazon Raises Fees For Free Delivery Of Groceries Online

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, January 30

Fri. Jan 27 2023

Crab Season Finally Opens on Oregon's Southern Coast  

Seafood Expo Global 2023 Sells More Exhibit Space Than 2022

Japan: November Air Cargo Imports Down 30% in Volume, Up Less Than 10% in Value

Ecuador: 2,000 Pounds of Shrimp Stolen From Fishing Boat by Organized Crime Gangs  

McDonald's President: California Keeps Looking for Ways to Raise Prices, Drive Away More Businesses

TGI Fridays New Three-Course Feast Menu Brings All the Friday Feels Without Breaking the Bank

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, January 27

NRF: Valentine’s Day Spending to Soar Past 2022 to $26 Billion

Thu. Jan 26 2023

VIDEO: Oregon Crab Season; Santa Monica Seafood; NOAA Denies Request

New England Fishery Management Council Presents 2022 Award for Excellence to Maggie Raymond

Russia Refused to Negotiate with Japan on Catching Fish on the Kuriles Islands

38 North Korean and Chinese Fishing Boats Entered Yamatotai in Japan's EEZ In 2022

Kikka Sushi Launches New Vegan Line of Products

Plant Based Seafood Company The Ish Company Raises More Than $5 Million in Seed Funding

Registration Open For Second Annual Global Shrimp Forum  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, January 26

Wed. Jan 25 2023

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, January 25

NRA: “Potential Warning Sign” For Restaurants As Sales Trended Lower Towards End Of 2022

Report: “No statistically Relevant Association” Regarding Sea Lice and Production of Farmed Salmon  

Nothing Can Stop The Return of Lobsterfest At Red Lobster  

NEFMC Executive Director to Retire After 25-Year Stint with Council

Irish Minister: National Inshore Fishermen’s Association Named EU Producer Organization

StarKist Named One of BrandSpark’s Most Trusted Consumer Products

Steakholder Foods Achieves 50x Yield in Cell Production Using a Filtration System

Russian Frozen King Crab Half Price, Tsukiji Kanisho Securing 1,000 Tons  

The Retail Rundown: How Do Plant-Based Meat Sales Fare at Retail?

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Pacific Offshore Wind Lease Auction Results in Five Leases for $757.1 Million

While the Biden administration says the first offshore wind sale in the Pacific is successful, it's a far cry from the $4.7 billion record sale in the Atlantic earlier this year.

The Department of the Interior on Wednesday announced results from the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s wind energy auction for five leases offshore California. The lease sale represents the third major offshore wind lease sale this year and the first ever for the Pacific region. The sale drew competitive high bids ...

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