Tue. May 18 2021

Alaska Seafood Marketing Arm Hopes to Finally Benefit From Federal Pandemic Relief Dollars

Area 2A Halibut Opener Announced for June 22-24  

FSIS Issues Public Health Alert For Ineligible Siluriformes Products Imported From Brazil  

Applications for Ninth Annual Global Aquaculture Innovation Award Are Due by June 15

Red Lobster Debuts New Menu With 15 Dishes Under $20

Genova Premium Tuna Sells Out of Complimentary Mediterranean-Inspired Meal Kits  

Mexico Promoting Sustainable Sardine Fishery Agriculture With Training Course For Observers  

Blackline Cold Storage Breaks Ground on New Port of Houston Facility

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, May 18

Mon. May 17 2021

PODCAST: AquaBounty CEO Sylvia Wulf Talks First Commercial Harvest at Indiana Farm  

ANALYSIS: Markets Moving, Soaring Higher in Some Cases  

China Says No to Australian Lobsters  

Cause and Final Report on Scandies Rose Sinking Will Be Determined and Released June 29

Russia May Significantly Reduce Halibut Catch This Year  

Trade Data for Alaska Omits Seafood, Queries Go Unanswered

Lobster and Salmon Get Highest Honors at Specialty Food Association Awards 2021  

SeafoodNews.com Summary Monday, May 17

Sun. May 16 2021

Gov. Newsom's California Comeback Plan Includes Significant Increases for Fish and Wildlife

Fri. May 14 2021

States Begin Work on Second Round of COVID-19 Funds as Some First Round Funds Falter

Industry Lauds Record-Breaking USDA Seafood Purchase

VIDEO: AquaBounty Sells Out; Mexico Shrimp Update; Stavis' New VP of Operations and More

ANALYSIS: The Rise of Pangasius, Again  

First Copper River Salmon, Prepared by Five Top Chefs, in Public Auction For Frontline Workers  

Most Shrimp and Tilapia Prices Increase in China During May’s Labor Day  

Alaska’s Rep. Don Young Introduces House Version of the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act

New Bill in US House Will Strengthen Anti-IUU laws and Fight Human Rights Abuses in Supply Chain

Plastics From Fishing Gear, Marine Debris Turned Into Lumber in Cordova

SeafoodNews.com Summary Friday, May 14

Thu. May 13 2021

USDA Makes Historic Seafood Purchase for Food Assistance Programs  

Alaska Salmon Fishermen Send Urgent Plea for “Decisive Action” on Climate as Season Begins  

Alaska’s House Passes Joint Resolution to Senate Asking Congress To Invest In AK Infrastructure

GAPP Research Finds Potential need to “Relaunch” Surimi  

Publix Now Offering Atlantic-Sapphire’s Bluehouse Salmon In All Stores  

SalMar Credits Rising Salmon Prices for Good Q1 Results  

Grieg Seafood Q1 Results: Low Market Prices Impacted Earnings

SeafoodNews.com Summary Thursday, May 13

Wed. May 12 2021

Gulf of St. Lawrence Announces More Grid Closures With 85% Snow Crab Quota Caught  

BOEM Celebrates Vineyard Wind Approval Project; Seafood Industry Bites Back

Alaska's Fisheries Committee Gets Seafood Market Report from ASMI in Last Days of Session

AK State Legislature Nixes Pebble Candidate for Board of Fish

Mexican Authorities Launch Workshops to Regain Shrimp Certification to U.S.  

Stavis Seafoods Hires Salvatore Bramante As New VP of Operations

Red Lobster CEO Appointed New Chairman of the Board for Vertical Farming Company Kalera

SeafoodNews.com Summary Wednesday, May 12

Norway Royals Salmon Pleased With Iceland Farming Ops but Norway Costs Remain High  

Bakkafrost Sees Signs of Market Improvement in Q1 2021  

Tue. May 11 2021

SeafoodNews.com Summary Tuesday, May 11

Alaska Supreme Court Rules in Favor of State in Fish Tax Lawsuit

Pacific Seafood Board of Directors Welcomes Former U.S. Congressman Greg Walden

Premium Brands Reports Record Revenue in First Quarter After Completion of Clearwater Seafoods

NL Government Contributes Funds to Help Oyster Research in Notre Dame Bay

Alaska’s Coast Guard Honors Four With Air Medals for Heroic Rescue Last November

Proximar Seafood Signs MoU with Marubeni Corporation Focusing on Sales, Marketing

Pescanova Debuts “La Pasta del Mar” Product with Help from Spanish Chef Ángel León

Russia Puts Big Hopes on Forthcoming Salmon Fishing Season This Year  

High Pre-order Prices for Copper River Salmon  

Fishermen, Processors Prepare for Pacific Whiting Season in Wake of No Canada/U.S. Agreement  

JAPAN: March Salmon Imports From Chile Up 67% to 17,815 Tons  

Blue Star Foods Signs Deal with Top Foodservice Warehouse Supplier  

AquaBounty Sells Out First Harvest of GE Salmon from Indiana Farm  

Norwegian Seafood Council Shares Top Seafood Megatrends in Latest Report

Kingfish Company Sticks With Ramboll to Build RAS Facility in Maine

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Chile Algae Bloom Update: Mortality Removal Continues in Los Lagos Region

While the mortality related to the harmful algae blooms in the Aysén region have been removed, Sernapesca, Chile’s National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service, is continuing to monitor and inspect the Los Lagos region.

According to the latest update from Sernapesca, as of April 16, approximately 84% of the total mortality in the Los Lagos region has been removed. This totals 3,397 tons. The agency says that they’ve already issued all the “necessary authorization” for the remaining 6% and that mortality removal is continuing to be...

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